Medical Care

We undertake professional enquiries. 

- staff development in equality, diversity and inclusion on ethnicity

- staff development in equality, diversity and inclusion on disability 

- language use, correct terms in addressing people with learning disabilities and normalising the word Mongol 

In addition, we can attend meetings and provide input in cases where issues have arisen.

Social Care

We all know language is important, discrimination is simply illegal in areas like gender or race. But we don’t always get it right, and when we use inappropriate terms, children in particular can be affected by the language used by the adults round about the.

A major rethink of language and what it really means to children and their families is long overdue. We need to consider how to promote belonging and the value of a secure childhood – and how to ensure recovery from the trauma that is caused by hate speech.

We can work with your organization to foster equality through:

  • writing blog posts or holding talks 
  • sharing our teaching and learning resources    
  • designing and delivering workshops (in schools, universities, clubs, associations & organizations)
  • making knowledge accessible, sharing events and the work of others via our platform and social media


Advice for schools

"The right to quality education – the right of every child to a quality education that enables him or her to fulfill his or her potential, realize opportunities for employment and develop life skills. To achieve this goal, education needs to be child-centred, relevant and embrace a broad curriculum, and be appropriately resourced and monitored." Human Rights-Based Approach to Education for All

We deliver our workshops with the above UNICEF framework in mind, focusing on children's rights to and within education. Attendees at our training programmes learn about how the history of race and science have influenced society today and the impact of language use in professional and cultural settings. This helps to expand their knowledge and awareness of racial equality and disability rights. Through our training, people become more comfortable talking about the misuse of the word “Mongol”, learning to use the word without any negative connotations and equating it with other ethnic descriptions. 

"The right to respect within the learning environment – the right of every child to respect for her or his inherent dignity and to have her or his universal human rights respected within the education system. To achieve this goal, education must be provided in a way that is consistent with human rights, including equal respect for every child, opportunities for meaningful participation, freedom from all forms of violence, and respect for language, culture and religion." Human Rights-Based Approach to Education for All

At the end of our sessions, young people and their parents will know who to turn to if they encounter uncomfortable situations, as well as improving their confidence to stand up and make their voices heard. They will know they are not alone and feel the sense of community that comes from looking out for each other whatever our backgrounds. 

Universities and Colleges

We work alongside teachers and lecturers to deliver talks or webinars on many subjects relating to the careful use of language and the impact it has. Partnering with scientists, academics and activists, we promote modern Mongol voices and stories in these fields and more: 

- nursing, midwifery and health 

- social work and social care

- anthropology and social sciences

- history and politics

- ethnicity, human rights and criminology


More coming soon...


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Podcasts & Audio books

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