Words Matter!

Everyone at Mongol Identity has been busy planning, learning, networking, campaigning and delivering talks. Our most recent talks were with Streets Ahead Borders and Virgin Money UK.
Words matter! Most of us use them every day. They have the power to heal and hurt. Language evolves and so must we. The Learning Lab event with Streets Ahead brought language into focus...how and why it evolves and how best we should use it. As you know through effective campaigning, Mongol Identity has been making an impact on language whether through influencing dictionaries to remove the outdated terms or reviewing existing definitions. 

We are delighted the event with the Street Ahead was success and here is a testimonial: 

"Thanks for your amazing contributions to our event today. From the outset, I was struck by how engaged people were.  All your stories and contributions are greatly appreciated." 

"Uuganaa represented Mongol Identity at a recent on-line national learning event which focused on words and language. Uuganaa presented directly to delegates in a multi-media way, recounting key aspects of her story, her direct experience with mis-use of language and its impact on people. During the event, she also helped to facilitate one of the breakout discussions and engaged directly and meaningfully with delegates who had lived experience.  Thank you to Uuganaa and Mongol Identity for helping to bring our event to life and making a memorable impact."

  Sandy Devers, Chief Executive Officer, Streets Ahead

Our next roundtable event was with Virgin Money UK through their EMBRACE network. The participants commented: 
"That was mind blowing, rather emotional, and very insightful."
"Very very insightful and a lot to think about"
"Fantastic session, big thank you" 
"It truly was an incredible session! Thank you so much for arranging this. More please!" 
"Great session, glad I signed up!" 
If you or your organisation would like to arrange a speaker from Mongol Identity, please do so by emailing info@mongolidentity.org

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