Mongol Identity is a UK-based NGO dedicated to ending the misuse of the term “Mongol” by educating and raising awareness about Mongol dignity, culture, and traditions. Here’s an overview of its establishment and development:

Purpose and Goals

  • Cultural Preservation: Protects Mongolian traditions, language, and customs, including historical practices, arts, and literature.
  • Education and Awareness: Educates both Mongols and the global community about Mongolian history and contributions through workshops, lectures, and publications.
  • Community Support: Provides a platform for Mongolians, especially in the diaspora, to connect and support each other through cultural activities, language classes, and events.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Advocates for the rights and recognition of Mongol people globally, promoting beneficial policies and addressing cultural appropriation and misrepresentation.
  • Research and Documentation: Conducts research and preserves oral histories, documents, and artifacts essential to Mongolian heritage.

Development Story

  • Founding: Established by Mongolian scholars, leaders, and activists to preserve cultural heritage amid globalization.
  • Early Activities: Focused on community events, cultural festivals, and educational seminars to raise awareness and attract members.
  • Expansion and Growth: Grew to include larger festivals, international collaborations, and educational partnerships, impacting cultural preservation efforts globally, including reaching the UN and UNESCO.
  • Modern Efforts: Utilizes technology and social media to connect with global Mongolian communities, producing digital content and hosting virtual events.
  • Challenges and Achievements: Despite funding limitations, political pressures, and evolving cultural dynamics, SCIO has made significant strides in cultural preservation, community building, and gaining international recognition for Mongolian heritage.

Mongol Identity SCIO ensures the celebration and transmission of Mongol cultural legacy, fostering pride in Mongol identity and contributing to a diverse global cultural landscape.

who we are

Mongol Identity is a nonprofit, non-political Charitable Incorporated Organization (SCIO) registered in Scotland and conducting activities internationally. Mongol Identity is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and developmental purposes.


Our mission is to campaign and advance a greater understanding of the word Mongol as an ethnicity and culture with its own history, language in order to end the historical misuse of the term.


We aim to become the prime platform for educational and cultural content that international organisations and individuals can utilise to promote interculturalism, belonging, and diversity.

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