We are passionate about ensuring that our workshops and events are accessible to all and we campaign for human rights and dignity, equal opportunities and underrepresented voices.

MEdical sector

We encourage medical practitioners to update their knowledge and vocabulary in all materials. As the WHO-maintained ICD is a globally used diagnostic tool, we expect all professional organizations to adhere to these international guidelines.


We offer training on the appropriate use of the word “Mongol” and provide educational content for all ages on Mongol culture, societal influences of race and science. Our offerings include training, author events, curriculum activities, artist talks, film screenings, performances, music lessons, and Mongol language classes.

social sector

We advocate for Mongol culture through activities such as blogs, conducting talks and seminars, sharing resources, delivering workshops, organizing events, promoting others’ work on our platform and social media, and addressing misconceptions about the Mongol world.

Film and media

Media often influences our world view, including narratives about the Mongol ethnicity and culture. Our aim is to address these representations, reducing stereotypes and cultural myths. We urge the use of the term ‘Mongol’ authentically, referring only to Mongols, their culture, and history.

Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems, such as the global goals in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a nonprofit organisation, we contribute to them in a number of ways. Our work focuses on primarily on the following goals and refer to the full list as a ‘sense check’ to make sure that we’re helping to contribute to all of the goals in some way.

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