Living Together in Peace-Mongol Identity

International Day of Living Together in Peace 16 May   

Fundraising duration 10-16th May 2021
We’re Mongol Identity SCIO, working across the globe promoting interculturalism, belonging and diversity and advancing a greater understanding of the word “Mongol” as it refers to an ethnicity and culture with its own history and language, in order to end the historical misuse of the term.
We all belong to the human race.

Whether you’re a Mongol at heart or stand for kindness and diversity you belong here. We’ll listen, celebrate our achievements together, and fight your corner.

Our work relies on people like you who give their time, money, energy and passion to make sure Mongol Identity SCIO can be there for everyone who needs us.

The money you raise will help us make educational content  promoting who Mongols are and their culture in its authentic sense. We believe that it's time to end the historical misuse of the word 'Mongol' and people who are affected by the hurt and abuse should be able to access excellent care and services and we campaign to make this happen.

Whether you’re walking, running, cycling, trekking, swimming, hosting a coffee morning or a gala dinner – you are amazing. Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Mongol Identity SCIO as part of our team. You’re doing something really wonderful and we’re here for you. 

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