Mongol Identity Fundraising Success

Many thanks to all our wonderful supporters around the world who gave so generously to our Living Together in Peace fundraising appeal. Mongol Identity SCIO partnered with MGL Running Channel ran a successful fundraising event through virtual running and walking.

People in 18 countries around the world helped us to break through our £5,000 target by pledging donations through our Virgin Money Giving page which ran for a week from May 10, closing on the International Day of Living Together in Peace.

Their kindness will help us in our mission and make educational content  promoting who Mongols are and their culture in its authentic sense. We believe that it's time to end the historical misuse of the word 'Mongol' and people who are affected by the hurt and abuse should be able to access excellent care and services and we campaign to make this happen.

As a registered charity, Mongol Identity works across the world promoting interculturalism, diversity, friendship and understanding between people and cultures.

The £5,040.19 raised by our campaign will help us to end the historical misuse of the term “Mongol” through education about the true ethnic and cultural meaning of the word.

Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin – creator of the best-selling Inspector Rebus novels – was among the donors from across four continents stretching from Japan and Mongolia in the east through Australia, and several European countries to the USA and Canada in the West.

The bulk of the donations came from supporters in the United Kingdom, where the campaign was founded, but the range of countries reached by our fundraiser is a reflection of the growing awareness of the Mongol Identity cause.

With your help we can take the message even further as our mission to restore dignity and respect to the Mongol people and their culture progresses.

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