Living Together in Peace-Mongol Identity

Fundraising duration 10-16th May 2021
We’re Mongol Identity SCIO, working across the globe promoting interculturalism, belonging and diversity and advancing a greater understanding of the word “Mongol” as it refers to an ethnicity and culture with its own history and language, in order to end the historical misuse of the term.
We all belong to the human race.

Whether you’re a Mongol at heart or stand for kindness and diversity you belong here. We’ll listen, celebrate our achievements together, and fight your corner.

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Mongol Identity Fundraising Success

Many thanks to all our wonderful supporters around the world who gave so generously to our Living Together in Peace fundraising appeal. Mongol Identity SCIO partnered with MGL Running Channel ran a successful fundraising event through virtual running and walking.

People in 18 countries around the world helped us to break through our £5,000 target by pledging donations through our Virgin Money Giving page which ran for a week from May 10, closing on the International Day of Living Together in Peace.

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Young Leadership Programme

The Young Leadership Programme (YLP) has been designed for young people who speak both Mongolian and English, aged between 15 & 19, from around the globe. This five-week programme will enable young people to explore the fundamental principles of leadership by providing a platform for critical thinking, team building activities and reflective exercises.

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