Media & Film Films, media, and pop culture profoundly shape our perceptions of the world. Often, consumers believe the narratives they see, which can perpetuate stereotypes and racism. From costumes to sports mascots, what some see as innocent fun can attack another’s dignity. We aim to address issues of race, culture, and representation of Mongols in the media to reduce stereotypes and cultural myths. Beyond influencing language, we strive to remind people of the Mongol contribution to world history and retell the modern Mongol story. Join us in exploring the multifaceted story of Mongol identity through the eyes of those who live it and study it firsthand. Discover new perspectives, deepen your knowledge, and contribute to a more informed and inclusive discourse on Mongol-related activities worldwide.

Uuhai – Music


The Hu – Mongol music


How the Mongols Changed the World

#history #mongol #mongol-studies

The Meaning of Mongol

#history #medical #mongol

Journey Through Mongolia

#mongol #mongol-studies

Mongolian Queen

#mongol #mongol-studies


Jack Weatherford

Ganpurev Dagvan

Bayra Bela

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